Y-Standard Replacement Poles

At Polyfence Pty Ltd we are leaders in innovations and manufacture many unique plastic fencing products. One of the most unique of these products are our Y-Standard Replacement Poles. The development of this product as well as our fence droppers were prompted due to the high amount of theft of steel fencing posts that occur in South Africa. Because of our thorough research we have developed a product that is truly one of its kind. Our replacement to Y-Standards is intended to not just save money for those that use our product, but also give them peace of mind when buying our quality, durable and safe product.

What is a Y-Standard Pole?

Y-Standard Poles are used in fencing to ensure that the fence stay upright. They are currently the most widely used type of metal standard in the industry. The Steel Y-Standard Poles that are presently available are either coated with black bitumen or some are galvanized after being sandblasted. Some contractors protect the standards by applying bitumous aluminium paint for rust protection. When a fence is erected a corner post is embedded into the ground. Wooden or steel fence post are used. Plastic posts can not be used as fencing corner posts. The Y-Standards are knocked into the ground about 6 to 8 meters apart and the wires are attached to them. Droppers are used at 1 to 1.5-meter intervals to keep the barbed wires in line.

How our Y-Standard Replacement Poles are used?

The Y-Standard Replacement Pole is just what the name implies. It is a straight replacement for steel Y-standards. The pole is hollow, reinforced and made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and a special patented combination of other ingredients that lend to its truly unique features.  The Y-Standard Replacement Pole can be used as follows:

It can be planted into the ground by drilling a hole with an auger and planting the pole about 400-600 mm deep into the ground. Ground can be compacted around the pole to keep it firm or it can also be cemented in the ground. In certain rocky areas we would recommend using our 56mm Y-Standard Replacement Pole. In these circumstances it might be necessary to knock a steel Y-standard into the ground and place the Y-Pole Replacement over the steel Y-Standard as shown in the example.

Y-Standard Replacement Poles for Electric Fencing

As with our Plastic Fence Droppers the Y-Pole Replacement Poles are perfect for use in electric fences. The wiring can be tied directly to the pole and no isolators are needed. This coupled with other aspects of safety makes our product very popular in the farming and game fencing industry.

Y-Pole Replacement Poles: Extremely strong and durable

Due to the make-up of the product and the way it is designed our Y-Standard Replacement Poles are extremely durable and weather resistant. (see test results). Y-Standard Replacement Poles are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions in South Africa. The product is UV-resistant and do nor rust. It is black and do not need any painting. Y-Pole replacement Poles are extremely strong and will not break on impact

Y-Pole Replacement Poles: Safe for Animals

We primarily designed the poles for the Agricultural Industry although it is perfect for use in many other types of fencing. In game fencing and farm fencing safety of animals are a great priority. Our Y-Standard Replacement Poles are extremely resilient. They bend on impact, but will always keep their shape by returning to their original position. This flexibility ensures the safety of game and farm animals if they run into the fencing and strike the poles. The flexibility lowers the chances of serious injury. The poles are manufactured from HDPE. HDPE is considered one of the safest plastics on the planet and does not leach dangerous toxins into the soil. It is therefore safe to plant our Y-Standard replacement poles into the ground.