Features and Benefits of Polyfence Fencing Products

The most significant features of our fencing supplies are that they are:

– UV Resistant: 

Due to our special combination of black carbon the product becomes extremely UV resistant. It will not fade or discolour.

– Flame Retardant:

Plastic can never be flame resistant. Our special flame-retardant additives ensure that the product will only start burning at a much higher level than normal HDPE and most plastics. The product will only start burning at about 300 °C. The hollow nature of the product further increases ventilation which makes the HDPE fence post take longer to start burning.

– Impact Resilient:

HDPE is known to possess a high tensile strength. This means that when under pressure it has a higher breakage point than most plastics. HDPE has a high strength to density ratio. Depending on the composition of the HDPE it can be either rigid or flexible. Our HDPE plastic products are manufactured to be stiff enough to serve as plastic fence posts, but also have the resilience to return to its original position during impact. The products never lose its shape. To read more about this feature visit our plastic dropper page.

– Strength, toughness and durability:

Our plastic fencing poles are designed specifically for the purposes that they are intended for. It is made from HDPE and has high tensile strength. The walls of the fence poles are not too thick which increases strength. It is highly impact resilient and can withstand impact from animals and farm implements like tractors. It is chemical, UV, moisture, erosion and weather resistant, which makes it long lasting. Our hollow Polyfence droppers with its ventilation capabilities further increases its durability. The inside of our HDPE plastic fencing poles is constructed in such a way as to reinforce the poles further. Read more about this on our plastic droppers for fencingpage. 

– No Paint Needed: 

HDPE is generally known for its paint adhesion problems. With our plastic fencing materials, you will not encounter problems as it comes in a black colour and no paint is ever needed

– Do Not Rust:

HDPE is resistant to many solvents including water.  Our HDPE plastic products exhibit excellent anti-corrosive characteristics. Laboratory test simulation of wet conditions has shown our product not to weather.

– Chemical Resistant:

HDPE plastic is known to be durable in most chemical interactions which make it useful in a lot of industrial applications including fencing (See HDPE Chemical resistance chart). Our special combination with other materials further enhances this feature. Our plastic Y Pole replacements and Droppers are totally acid rain and pesticide proof and are very popular in the agricultural sector. They are impervious to acids in animal wastes as well.

– Non-Conductive: 

HDPE Plastic is non-conductive and cannot transmit an electrical stream. It thus makes our plastic poles ideal for use as electric fence posts. No isolators are needed, and the electrical wiring can be connected directly to the fence post with binding wire. HDPE is also not water absorbent and water does not cling to it. This further makes Polyfence plastic electric fence standards, droppers and diamond mesh a great option to use as an electric fence.

– Weather Resistant:

The patented formula that we use in our HDPE fencing products includes a special mix of black carbon, which protects the product against the elements and makes it weather resistant. Read more about how extremely weather resistant our products are on the fence dropper page.

– Environmentally Friendly:

Our environmentally friendly HDPE fencing materials contains no arsenic, heavy metals, chloride or other contaminants of ground water and soil. HDPE (High-density polyethylene) which is considered a plastic that is safe and is non-leaching. It does not release harmful fumes into the environment. It requires less energy to manufacture HDPE than steel, further making it Eco-friendly.

– Moisture resistant:

Our HDPE recycled products are extremely resistant to water. It does not absorb water and water does not cling to it. Check out this chemical resistance chart. Products are resistant to rotting, insects, mildew and mold.

– Lightweight: HDPE

properties are lightweight, and this combined with the hollow profile of our fence poles make them lightweight and easy to work with. It also makes transportation that much easier.

– Low maintenance:

These fencing products do not fade or discolour. HDPE is easy to clean, and it is stain and graffiti resistant. It is durable and keeps its shape and therefore it does not need to be replaced often. 

– Superior Quality:

The quality of the HDPE we use is our own patented formula of extra ingredients and the design of every product is what makes them unique and superior in quality. Visit our Facebook page today to see for yourself.