About Polyfence

Polyfence(Pty) Ltd was registered in 2011. The company was previously known as Hydroplast and was started in 2001 by Mr Eddy Johnstone.

The business moved to its current address at 1185 Pretoria Street, Booysens, Pretoria in 2016. Polyfence has evolved from humble beginnings to our present status as a leader in the plastic fencing products industry.

In our state-of-the-art factory we manufacture a wide range of plastic poles and other plastic fencing products for use in the agricultural and other industrial sectors. Our plastic fence posts consisting of our plastic fence droppers and Y-standard replacement poles are extremely popular in the agricultural industry. 

They provide a strong and durable replacement option for steel posts that was used exclusively in the past.

100% Proudly South African

Polyfence HDPE Plastic Fencing Manufacturing Factory. All our products that we manufacture are 100% proudly South African. The products are locally developed in our factory and the materials used in our operation are 100% local recycled material. Each development that we undertake is designed and engineered to support the local and international market. We prefer to make use of hand labour and thereby create jobs for the local community. In house training helps our workers to broaden their skill levels.

Innovation, Quality, Durability and Safety
Mr Eddy Johnstone oversees all technical management, new developments, maintenance and production. He is ably assisted by a well-trained team of professionals in the factory. Each product that we design is unique and is designed to meet a specific need in the market. Our products are truly innovative, and our own patented mix provides the product with its unique features. Made from HDPE, our fence posts, agricultural poles and other fencing products such as our super strong high-density diamond mesh are extremely durable. Our fence droppers and Y-Pole replacements are impact resilient and weather resistant. They are totally animal safe because they do not splinter on impact and do not leach chemicals into the soil.

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Leaders in HDPE Plastic Fencing Products in South Africa

Polyfence manufacture and supply unique (high-density polyethylene) HDPE plastic fencing products that has an impact on the fencing industry in South Africa. Since our inception in 2011 Polyfence have grown not only to dominate the plastic fence pole industry, but also produce a wide range of other quality products. All the products that we manufacture are made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and consists of a special blend of other ingredients to give it special and unique features and benefits.

Under the firm leadership of the owner Mr Eddy Johnstone, the company has built up a reputation for quality and innovation. Mr Johnstone oversees all technical management, new developments, maintenance and production, but he is ably assisted by a reliable, responsible and result driven factory team. You can read more about Mr Johnstone and Polyfence on our about us page.

Our most popular products are our Plastic fence droppers, Y-Standard Replacement poles and heavy-duty plastic diamond mesh fencing. Our fencing products are suitable for use in agricultural, standard electric, security, home, garden, pool, palisade and perimeter fencing.

Quality Plastic Fence Posts Manufacturers that make a difference

We produce a special brand of rugged, lightweight, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) constructed plastic fencing poles. We are currently one of the leading fencing contractors in the plastic fencing industry in Pretoria and South Africa. Our plastic fence posts are very popular especially in the agricultural fencing industry. Our solutions that we offer are truly unique and are not sold by other plastic fencing suppliers in South Africa. The fence posts that we manufacture, and supply include HDPE plastic fence droppers and Y-pole replacement posts.


Plastic Fence Droppers

Polyfence Droppers cannot be compared with any other Plastic Fence Droppers that are sold in South Africa.  Our extremely innovative, versatile, resilient and durable HDPE plastic dropper pole is the result of years of planning and testing. The hollow nature of the Polyfence droppers with their ventilation capabilities enables them to always keep their shape and hardness. Unlike solid plastic fencing droppers that become soft after a while from too much sun exposure, these fence posts stay in position and does not become a strain on the fence. Our droppers are also extremely suited for use as electric fence droppers. Read fence droppers for more info.

Y-Standard Intermediate Replacement Poles

Steel Y standard poles are commonly used for fencing. Our intermediate plastic Y pole is a replacement for steel Y-standards.  It is made from HDPE and has all the features of the other plastic products that we manufacture. This makes it a cost- effective option to use as electric, home, livestock and perimeter fence posts.  Check out our Y standards prices.

Agricultural Fencing Products

Polyfence is well known for serving the agricultural fencing industry. We are the smart choice when it comes to synthetic fence posts for cattle, sheep, goat and other animal fencing.  Our plastic posts replace the steel Droppers and Y-standards in the marketplace. We have created a product that is the safest, cost effective, versatile, durable and long-lasting alternative for the agricultural industry.

It is a well-known fact that steel theft in South Africa is a problem. It has a severe impact on the farming Industry, with fence posts being stolen regularly to be sold as scrap metal.  Our plastic fence posts do not get stolen.

Our fencing products are produced with high standards of fencing safety in mind. Our fence poles are completely animal safe. They are impact resilient and do not splinter, which reduces the possibility of injury to animals. They are non-leaching and therefore do not contaminate air or soil.

Excessive heat from the sun negatively impact solid plastic fence posts. In time it makes them soft and brittle. The hollow profile of our HDPE plastic fence pipe with its ventilation properties make it ideal to combat high temperatures

The post is also perfect for use as plastic electric fence posts, which is often used on farms and in wildlife fencing.  The plastic electrical fence posts can be used without isolators because of its HDPE properties and makeup. This means the electrical wire can be connected directly to the plastic fence poles.

Veldfires are one of the main destructive factors that negatively affect farm fencing. Plastic fencing materials are not fire resistant. Our hollow HDPE fence post in combination with our patented formula contribute to slow down the point at which the plastic will start to disform, melt and burn. In this way the product stays in shape for longer.

Our heavy-duty farm fence posts are chemical resistant. They are not affected by acid rain and animal wastes We are affiliated to the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Association of South Africa – (AFCASA). Our fencing materials meet all SA agricultural standards and we are AgriSA approved.  Get more information on how we can meet your agricultural fencing needs on our features and benefits page.

Other Agricultural Farm Supplies and products

We also provide numerous poles and other products for use in the agricultural sector such as
•    Poles for plants
•    Hoop Greenhouse Poles (Flat Pole for Polytunnel)
•    Vineyard Trellis Poles
•    Compactor Vineyard Poles
•    Animal Pen (Goat, pig and sheep pen)
•    Johnson Soil Augers(drill)
•    Spiral Binding.

Plastic Diamond Mesh Fencing Manufacturers(Quadra Plast)

Our diamond mesh fencing that we manufacture is exclusive to Polyfence and is a truly versatile product that can be used for many purposes. It is perfect to use in many types of fences. It is very easy to install. It can be tied to fences with cable ties. It is UV resistant, weather resistant, chemical resistant, non-conductive, rigid, tough and do not rust. The product will withstand animal urine. Great news if you have dogs! The product weathers well and keeps its beauty. Check out more about this and our plastic mesh fencing prices on our Quadra Plast page.


Cooling Tower Fill Manufacturers

Polyfence is the manufacturer of Splash tube, which is used in medium to large cooling towers with large volume of cooling tower fouling. Splash tube is a product made form HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with the necessary amount of carbon black for UV protection and rigidness. 

Splash Tube has a strong, lightweight construction and the unique packing method makes it easy to remove, clean and reinstall. The tubular arrangement of Splash Tube, with water and air in counter flow, provides a low airside pressure drop. 

A major advantage of our product above traditional film fill and splash fill for a cooling tower lies in its design and strength. It can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure hose providing a longer life span. Splash Tube can be used in any cooling tower no matter the size if the application is right.