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Trellis Pole - Vineyard (90 Diameter) 3m

148,50 ZAR (148,50 ZAR excl VAT) each

1.35kg p/m Wall Thickness 4.5mm R44.50 p/m

Our product's life expectancy is based on the chemical design make-up configuration; - the Trellis Pole can have a life span of 10 and more years under normal conditions and applications.

It is also very useful to put in some soil inside the pole so it can be compacted by being more stable and or rigid. The Trellis Pole is more rigid and impact resistant when hollow, it breaths more in hot conditions to maintain its strength.

Trellis Pole sizes available:

75 diameters with a wall thickness of 4.5mm

90 diameters with a wall thickness of 5.4mm

110 diameters with a wall thickness of 6.5mm


The Trellis Pole used in the vineyards can only be used as an Intermediate by supporting the weight of the vine and cannot be used as a Post or in other words an "endpole".

Reason there for is that the Trellis Pole won't be able to handle the pressure but can only handle downward pressure by keeping the fence up. Wood and Steel "end poles" are still a factor for the purpose and unfortunately cannot be replaced.

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